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TFW you realize SQL is KING at your organization

When an architect dings the new guy’s code review because he didn’t include a change log in a new stored proc because the change log helps support people track changes in the code, then you realize that SQL is king at your organization and will be for a very long time.

The logic will always be in SQL.

The application will always take many trips to the database, because all roads lead to Rome.

No matter what. Object-oriented programming, MVVM (MV*), Agile(tm), functional, whatever. The natural resting position will always be SQL, for all things except the UI.

And possibly even the UI, if we start generating HTML in SQL, which would not surprise me.

Microsoft reorg eliminated Windows division


This is a VERY interesting (long) read on the significance of the elimination of Windows as a top-level division at Microsoft.

Stratechery (@stratechery) Tweeted:

The End of Windows


The Windows division no longer exists at Microsoft, marking the end to a four-year process of changing Microsoft’s culture.


(Old article found via this recent tweet: https://twitter.com/modestproposal1/status/1068856498753814528?s=20)

Defusing COBOL Bombs with Smart Automation


Interesting article with references to TLA+/PlusCal. I really should pick those languages up.

«The first step in modernization is building a team that will be excited about the archaeology. Automation misapplied can double or triple the amount of work needed to produce a functioning application. If your team sees the metawork as something to just get through, they are unlikely to apply automation smartly.»

Defusing COBOL Bombs with Smart Automation

Oy vey, we need an aggregator aggregator oh wait it’s NewsBlur

Was reading Hacker News (https://news.ycombinator.com/) and was thinking, “Huh, this is just another dumb discussion site with a not-very-nice UI (tiny mouse targets, no keyboard shortcuts, no easy way to give up on an entire subtree of discussion) and a we’re-the-smartest-guys-in-the-room mentality where people post links and then discuss them [but they do have good links, usually], and why can’t they just use Reddit?” And then, I was reading a (somewhat) interesting discussion on Haskell (*somebody complain-bragged that Haskell is too open to writing very abstract abstractions and they constantly fall down the hole of making a super-general-purpose function Because They Can and then there were *200* comments on this (**actually, the original blog post was kind of fun)) and SURE ENOUGH they referred both to Reddit AND to YET ANOTHER discussion site named https://lobste.rs/ which looks pretty similar to Hacker News, and I’m like…

Where is the software to slurp all these discussion sites down into one thing so I can just have it all in one place and not have to visit each one? Is it NewsBlur?

Why, yes. Yes, it is.