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NYT on Georgia’s new voting law


Welp. From Judd Legum to the NYT. I will consider that a solid endorsement.


Judd Legum (@JuddLegum) Tweeted: A common new Republican talking point is that Georgia’s new voting law actually EXPANDS opportunities to vote. This is BS and I’ve explained why in a couple of threads but this NYT article also does a good job of laying out the facts https://t.co/eQs1c4Gx00

Possible inputs on indigenous civilization


Some replies in here mention things to read/watch for an alternate viewpoint. (This is mostly me bookmarking this for myself to come back to later.)

Agent NDN (@TheAgentNDN) Tweeted: I’m still blown away that I managed to be in academia for like a decade before realizing Hobbes’ Leviathan is racist as fuck against Indigenous people. Nobody talks about that.

Tweet from Frisco Uplink (@_danilo)

Frisco Uplink (@_danilo) Tweeted: @/nicoleciravolo is a popular TikTok creator probably best known for her character Ms. Connie. Ms. Connie is the hidden power of the high school, a secretary in the administrators’ office. She’s savvy, gossipy, and unswervingly dedicated to the protection of students. https://t.co/rPW4uuqZjO https://twitter.com/_danilo/status/1302312640690171905?s=20

75 Things White People Can Do for Racial Justice – Equality Includes You – Medium


To do: ask my local NAACP branch if they think this is a good list. (I’m guessing the answer will be “yes”.)

Or not. Here’s a counterpoint: https://twitter.com/LilyBolourian/status/1266058333997367296?s=20