Various geeky notes on setup for this blog (and associated stuff like IFTTT and whatnot).

Cross-posting to Twitter

Neither Twitter nor FaceBook do well with links-with-text. Just put the raw URL up high in the post and Twitter will handle it better.

Also, put your pithy quotes above the Twitter link; otherwise the tweet itself will dominate your Twitter cross-post.

Make your IFTTT recipe not post article titles, and duplicate your post title into the first part of your text, if you want.

Themes I’ve tried

I just want a straightforward, boring theme that’s not super-artistic and doesn’t draw attention to itself.

  • Sapor — Didn’t like what it did with quotes. Font color was too light.
  • Twenty Sixteen — Not a big fan of how this one handles quotes, either. Font seems too big.
  • Nucleare — Nice, clean, simple, but I don’t like the colors.
  • Ryu? Maybe? Some day?
  • Syntax — (Previous choice.) Maybe. Not sure I like the little curlicue under each post. Also, it lays out terribly on my phone.
  • Sequential — Quotes aren’t quote-y enough (same font but indented a bit; hard to tell what’s a quote, so people might think I originated something I’m only quoting).
  • Penscratch — Quote font is too big.
  • Isola — seems nice. Nice quote font and callout. Quote font’s a little big, though.
  • Satellite looks like font salad. Some funky variety of fonts in quotes, especially if quotes contain hyperlinks…?
  • Lyretail — quote font too big, again
  • Plane — Doesn’t seem to show images at all.
  • Twenty Twelve — (Current choice.) Quote font italic and same size as body font.
  • Intergalactic 2 — Don’t like how it handles quotes on the main page (basically, it doesn’t; it just runs the quoted text into a blog excerpt, and I can’t make the blog entry display in its entirety on the main page).
  • Twenty Nineteen — Cant put widgets in right-side column — they’re all at the bottom of the page.
  • Twenty Fifteen has the same problem, I think.

Search for themes: subject:blog feature:custom-colors column:right-sidebar

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