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The night the old man handed them their asses

This was a good bit:

«He [FDR] set it against empurpled “economic royalists.” He famously said: “They are unanimous in their hate for me — and I welcome their hatred.” There were so many echoes of Roosevelt’s bring-it-on attitude last night it drowned out the heehawing of House Republicans bespittled by the old man handing them their asses.»

Black History Month: A shoutout to white men fighting racism –

A Black History Month shoutout to white men working to recognize and correct the stories – and systems – that perpetuate racism, including those that have benefited them.

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Jupiter now has 92 moons after new discovery | CNN

I’ve played this video game.

«Sheppard and his team believe that these moons are remnants of at least seven larger moons that broke apart when they collided with other moons, asteroids or comets. The fracturing of these moons led to the creation of hundreds of smaller moons, Sheppard said.»