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A Catholic newsletter promised investigative journalism. Then they outed a priest using Grindr data. – The Washington Post

«Toward the end of Friday’s podcast, Flynn and Condon bemoaned the public debate about their recent work.

“I hate being the center of attention like this,” Flynn said.»

Anti-vaxxers (and others) as con victims who are trying to save face

Can’t remember who brought this into my because Twitter refreshed, but it’s good. Con victims won’t admit they got conned, thus exposing more potential victims to the con. It’s a moral choice they make.

Brooke Harrington (@EBHarrington) Tweeted: THREAD: As news stories drop about COVID+ pandemic deniers & anti-vaxxers ranting defiantly from ICU beds, let’s review what fraud research suggests abt the responsibility we should attribute to them for their condition & the ms they send. Are they victims we should pity? 1/x

A Vaccine Or This Marriage: Conspiracy Theories Are Tearing Couples Apart | HuffPost

“Infodemic” is right. It’s a memetic virus, very sci-fi.

«Shane is among the millions of Americans who have fallen prey to the coronavirus “infodemic” — the maelstrom of false and misleading information about COVID-19 that has gone viral during the pandemic, drastically hindering the nation’s recovery.»

Unvaccinated Is Different From Anti-Vax – The Atlantic

I read this article yesterday and I see that Gov. Kay Ivey (R-AL) is now saying we should blame the unvaccinated for not being vaccinated.

«A lot of vaccine information isn’t common knowledge. Not everyone has access to Google. This illustrates preexisting fault lines in our health-care system, where resources—including credible information—don’t get to everyone. The information gap is driving the vaccination gap. And language that blames “the unvaccinated” misses that critical point. Black folks are one of the least vaccinated groups, in part because they have the least access to preventive health-care services.


Availability and access aren’t the same thing. If you have to walk the five miles, you’re going to rethink getting vaccinated, especially if you’re elderly, or you have chronic disease, or the round trip is interfering with other things like work. [Much of] our paid workforce doesn’t have flexibility about hours, or couldn’t take a day off if they wanted to. And if you don’t have paid sick leave to deal with the vaccine or the potential side effects of the second dose, you’ll skip it because feeding your family is more important right now.

Child care is also an enormous issue. If you don’t have someone to watch your children, then what do you do?»

Something something racism bad health outcomes. Attended a seminar on this (“Groundwater”) by the Racial Equity Institute.