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Tweet from Joe Hilgard, that psych prof we all know and love. (@JoeHilgard)

Interesting. Still some issues in the field of psychology, I guess.

Joe Hilgard, that psych prof we all know and love. (@JoeHilgard) Tweeted: Eighteen months ago, I tried reporting him to his institution. A year ago, I tried asking editors for retractions. Today, he’s publishing faster than ever.

Well, either synchronicity or The Algorithm brought me the above tweet, because I read this a couple of days ago:

(Note on Hacker News links: the top one is the link to the article itself, everything else is just comments among the HN community.)

On the value of human lives

This is a good story.

I believe one measure of a society is in how it cares for its “useless” members. I believe the commandment to “honor your mother and father” speaks directly to this.

Dr. Jen “Keep wearing the mask” Phillips 🗽🇺🇸🌎 (@ClutchScience) Tweeted: My mom has dementia & has lived in a dedicated memory care home 3 years. She received her first Moderna shot today. For the last year there’s been a lot of talk about how to assign value to lives like hers, so I want to tell you a story about the necklace she’s wearing.

Of course, “honor no one BUT your mother and father” is also problematic:

so….what now? (@Muna_Mire) Tweeted:

prioritizing vaccines by age and and nothing else seems WILDLY ableist but what do i know

Some Trump aides stuck with him till the end. Now they’re screwed. – POLITICO


«Two people familiar with his thinking said Trump’s former chief of staff Mark Meadows, who spent seven years in the House of Representatives before joining the White House, was even considering a position at the Trump Organization because of a lack of options.»

Tweet from Lauren Wolfe (@Wolfe321) on not unsubscribing from the NYT

Interesting. Ok, Lauren. (But that Biden Rolex thing seems to have been a real whiff, among others. I bet there’s a long list somewhere.)

Lauren Wolfe (@Wolfe321) Tweeted: Hi all. I truly appreciate everyone’s support but I need to ask you a favor: PLEASE don’t unsubscribe from @nytimes. I have loved this paper and its mission my whole life. Their journalism is some of the most important & best in the world, & they need to be read widely. Thank you

Possible inputs on indigenous civilization

Some replies in here mention things to read/watch for an alternate viewpoint. (This is mostly me bookmarking this for myself to come back to later.)

Agent NDN (@TheAgentNDN) Tweeted: I’m still blown away that I managed to be in academia for like a decade before realizing Hobbes’ Leviathan is racist as fuck against Indigenous people. Nobody talks about that.

Tweet from the apocalypse, but make it fashion. ✨ (@ElleArmageddon)

‘Nuther good thread, on layoffs that indicate our economy is really unhealthy. And, incidentally, what layoffs after a merger do and don’t look like.

the apocalypse, but make it fashion. ✨ (@ElleArmageddon) Tweeted: Hey uhh… Just in case you’re struggling to read the writing on the wall, layoffs at *delivery apps* *in a pandemic* are yet another pretty solid indicator of economic crisis!

Tweet from Josh Shahryar (they/them) #BLM (@JShahryar)

Hey, @nytimes, I’m a subscriber, for now, still, after everything that you’ve done over the last few years. You need to make this right.

(Everybody else, read the whole thread.)

Josh Shahryar (they/them) #BLM (@JShahryar) Tweeted: I just want to ask this, @NYTimes. How did you see this picture… of a woman with stitches on her lips. On her way home from the hospital with her only support in this critical time. Being stalked about fascist scum. And thought, “Firing her is a good idea.”

Horrible immigration rules that were in the pipeline

The only thing I have to say to the 74 million of you who voted for this is: Really?

Aaron Reichlin-Melnick (@ReichlinMelnick) Tweeted: This is a standard order issued following every transition, but today it feels so important because of how many horrific things were in the pipeline. Here’s a brief thread about some of the terrible anti-immigration regulations that didn’t make it across the finish line. 1/