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Opinion | The Unvaccinated May Not Be Who You Think – The New York Times

SUPER-interesting article on exactly who’s vaccinated and who’s not (and, this, what we might be able to do about it).

«Research on the unvaccinated by KFF from this September showed the most powerful predictor of who remained unvaccinated was not age, politics, race, income or location, but the lack of health insurance

Small business economics and pay

Somebody has a whole huge pile of receipts. (I.e., these threads are good and full of hard numbers.)

🎃Pumpkin Spice Nome🎃 (@NomeDaBarbarian) Tweeted: Ten fucking days apart. “$1.1 mil a year isn’t rich. People NEED to spend almost 200k a year on childcare.” Vs. “Wild that $14/hour (29k a year) isn’t enough for backbreaking manual labor.”

The Pentagon’s hottest new catchphrase sounds a lot like its old one

I wonder who’s listening to our systems thinkers, if anybody. Seems like nobody was when collateralized debt obligations were created.

«The truth is that the United States is nowhere close to being on a war footing if a conflict with China broke out. That is because the industrial muscle America had in 1941 has mostly gone overseas.»

I hope the US hasn’t become a paper tiger. I’d blame Ronald Reagan and the Republican party for this, although there are economic forces at play, too.

Full-out war with China would be insane and disastrous for both sides, but then, so was World War 1, and everybody knew it ahead of time and yet THAT still happened.

Maybe the thing I’m missing is that war with China would be over quickly. (Or is that what everybody thinks about every war before it starts? Certainly the recent Armenia-Aizerbaijan war was over fast.) So afterwards, we could repent at leisure.

Unless we both just expended our equipment and munitions immediately and then settled down into a long, grinding war of attrition. Ick.

Look! A baby wolf!

Modern social science has been going for about 60 years now and we have definitively settled pretty much nothing