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“Since I Became Symptomatic” (essay)

Emily Raboteau (@emilyraboteau) Tweeted: Can we all pause to appreciate that @lsjamison has written yet another knockout landmark essay from a fever state in quarantine while suffering COVID-19, single parenting a toddler, and going through a painful divorce. Hats off to a great writer.

So-called experts at Imperial College

I think we have had enough of experts.

«So-called experts at Imperial College told us to spray thousands of gallons of water directly into a burning building or not only would it be destroyed but the entire block, so we did. Now it turns out the burning building was only partially damaged, and the rest are fine?

So-called experts at Imperial College told us not to drink and drive, so we stayed sober at the party and then we drove home fine. Not a single accident! If we weren’t going to get into an accident, why did we bother staying sober? We need to get to the bottom of this scandal.»