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Hacker News comment on Test-Driven Development


«TDD isn’t going to find solutions to hard problems beyond bowling.

There is a stark contrast between agile development and actual software engineering. Agile works where the customer and the developer don’t really know what is being developed.»

(This whole comment is 🔥, as I think the cool kids say.)

A third of Americans now show signs of clinical anxiety or depression

Hacker News is kind of the opposite of Twitter and I love it.

«Diagnostic criteria for anxiety and depression are very broad because they are necessary as tools for practicing doctors seeing patients (as opposed to applying them to a random selection of people). If you turn the process back, and just ask how many people in the population fit under them, you’ll always, even in normal times, get an unexpectedly large number. That doesn’t imply that anything is wrong or that anything needs to be done about it, doctors don’t use them like that. This is approximately the same phenomenon that causes medical students to self-diagnose themselves with every disease they learn about: one of the fundamental factors missing from such a diagnosis is that they haven’t walked into a clinic. It’s not a bug in the diagnostic criteria, it’s just a misapplication of them.

One of the main ways of fighting over-diagnosis is to not apply diagnostic criteria for every known condition to random people who you have no a priori reason to suspect they might have those conditions.»

Don’t Expect A Quick Recovery. Our Survey Of Economists Says It Will Likely Take Years. | FiveThirtyEight

Like the man says, it’s tough to make predictions, especially about the future, but I think those headlines about a V-shaped economic recovery scaring the Democrats are just more hogwash. Here’s hoping we can get rid of the folks who think it’s ok to take all the guardrails off.

Thread by @Karnythia: As someone who had Covid & is now in recovery? You don’t want to let this trout mouthed yamp in your house. You want her to stay the fuc…

«In March when this heffa caught me slipping she beat my ass for several days. In a row. That was bad. But okay fine, I made it. The discovery that I literally could not walk around the block that first day I was able to go outside? I wanted a rematch. Then I remembered I won.


I’ve spent May getting back to where I was when I wasn’t consistently working out. Now as we head into June. TO JUNE. I’m hoping to get back to daily workouts. And this is with me challenging myself regularly and sometimes failing. I’m rehabbing every day. That’s COVID on easy»

Félicien Kabuga, Who Financed Rwanda Genocide, Captured in France – The New York Times

«Mr. Kabuga’s capture could be the most important arrest of a figure wanted by an international tribunal since the 2011 apprehension of Gen. Ratko Mladic, the Serbian military leader who was later convicted of having committed genocide during the Bosnian war of the early 1990s….»