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Ok, so… this is just ho… gwash. These news articles as if the 2020 election is a past event and it’s all over but the shouting.

2016 was Fort Sumter. This issue will continue for a generation. There is no “post mortem” because there is no mortem. The ascendancy of pure selfishness continues. We are only at the beginning. Maybe the mid-point? But I doubt it. The beginning.

So. In spite of this moronicity, 50% of this country still votes for these clowns because “on the one hand, on the other”. Britain voted by a hefty majority in 2019 for Brexit to continue mostly because of a desire to ban immigrants and they were exhausted by paralysis. 50% of Poland RE-ELECTED the conservative government that is closing Polish museums b/c they don’t tell the right story. Hungarians have voted by a solid majority to fence off Hungary (and the rest of Europe) from refugees. 60% of Czech voters chose Euroscepticism and the current Prime Minister (from the majority party) is subverting the independence of the judiciary. 55% of voters supported Bolsonaro in Brazil, who’s basically a Brazilian Trump.

We are moving backwards and voters are doing it. I hope the arc of the moral universe bends toward justice, but it appears to be very, very long.

We can do better.

“Sorry for what, exactly?”

Oof. I do NOT want to make that list. 😦

Keisha TK Dutes (@TastyKeish) Tweeted: We’re in a cycle of y’all recognizing Black people are actually people and “I’m sorry for..” Then I trick myself into protecting you from my real thoughts. I don’t want to be gracious. I want to say “Sorry for what exactly?” And then make you list it out like an itemized bill.

Property damage as political protest


Bree Newsome Bass (@BreeNewsome) Tweeted: Half of the political establishment continues to defend the actions of the 1/6 riot, arguing that the people who damaged property that day were justifiably outraged. The Boston Tea Party is also framed as a justified political act. It’s only Black ppl who must protest quietly.