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Managing blocklists on Mastodon


Mastodon Migration@mastodonmigration@mastodon.online

«Over the last few hours Mastodon treasure @Teri_Kanefield has been the victim of very vulgar harassment on her server law-and-politics.online.

Mastodon lets users create their own instances, but you need to block bad instances.

Fortunately, Mastodon provides support for this:

New MastoAdmin Guide To Banning Servers >>> https://writer.oliphant.social/oliphant/new-mastoadmin-ban-list-fediblock

Oliphant.Social Mastodon Blocklists >>> https://writer.oliphant.social/oliphant/the-oliphant-social-blocklist

Other recommendations, specific instructions?

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Pete @Pete: “You won’t be able to stay ahead of the garbage if you try to block domain by domain. You want an automated solution that leverages the collective moderation efforts of the Fediverse. I use FediBlockHole (https://pypi.org/project/fediblockhole/) and sync with the oliphant unified tier 2 blocklist (https://codeberg.org/oliphant/blocklists). Set it up to run daily in cron and you’ll see an immediate improvement. Follow @fediblock who does a great job curating, de-duping and boosting #fediblock“»

#mastoadmin funding sources

@Brendanjones@fosstodon.org 🔗 https://fosstodon.org/users/Brendanjones/statuses/109892348729425242 – I’ve noticed a lot of instances are using #patreon to collect instance fees and donations. Patreon is shareholder owned. When you make payments through Patreon, 7% of your payment goes to Patreon, which ultimately goes to Patreon shareholders. That’s not a model that suits the #fediverse. Here’s an alternative: use https://opencollective.com/. It’s a co-op, and it only charges 2%, which ultimately gets used to fund new #coops. Now, that’s a more #decentralised, fediverse-style model, isn’t it!

#mastoadmin resources

Something for me to bear in mind for maybe someday.

@vmstan@vmst.io 🔗 https://vmst.io/users/vmstan/statuses/109872527457917642 – If you are a #mastoadmin hosting more than yourself you need to be networking and talking directly with other administrators, regularly. We can be a sounding board for your ideas. We can help you troubleshoot technical things we all run into. We can be a place for you to vent when things get tough. We can work together to shutdown bad actors. We can humanize each other. Follow and interact with each other. Join the Discord or Matrix chat rooms. If you need help finding them reach out.