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Implementing an Object-Oriented Design Pattern – The Rust Programming Language

Slowly working my way through this book, and my mind keeps getting bent.

«By implementing the state pattern exactly as it’s defined for object-oriented languages, we’re not taking as full advantage of Rust’s strengths as we could. Let’s look at some changes we can make to the blog crate that can make invalid states and transitions into compile time errors.»


Oh, btw:


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@sindarina@mastodon.lol 🔗 https://mastodon.lol/users/sindarina/statuses/109699105064465900 – Since I just saw yet another developer use ‘’ in an example configuration, a reminder that you MUST NOT use publicly routable addresses that you do not control in your code. Instead, use one of the available ‘TEST-NET’ IPv4 or IPv6 ranges documented in RFC 6890, such as; ❌ ✅ Pass it on to all of your fellow developers, documentation writers, and so forth. Full RFC is here; https://datatracker.ietf.org/doc/rfc6890/

How to Post to Mastodon From Anything Using IFTTT – K²R

This will be super-cool if it works.


(Also: using brid.gy to back-propagate comments.)


‘Nuther update:

@david@tech.lgbt  https://tech.lgbt/users/david/statuses/109557184903526295

@futurebird lots of good details in the replies that you got, but maybe examples will help?

Excuse the broken images, that’s my fault

On my site I have https://fed.brid.gy/ set up. So When I post on my site and put the link on Twitter/Mastodon, it gets comments/reactions there and adds them to my site. I can then reply to the comment and have it post to social for me.

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