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SolarWinds security fiasco


«Employees say that under Mr. Thompson, an accountant by training and a former chief financial officer, every part of the business was examined for cost savings and common security practices were eschewed because of their expense. His approach helped almost triple SolarWinds’ annual profit margins to more than $453 million in 2019 from $152 million in 2010.»

«Ian Thornton-Trump, a former cybersecurity adviser at SolarWinds, said he warned management that year [2017] that unless it took a more proactive approach to its internal security, a cybersecurity episode would be “catastrophic.” After his basic recommendations were ignored, Mr. Thornton-Trump left the company.»

Molly McKew (@MollyMcKew) Tweeted: «“SolarWinds moved much of its engineering to satellite offices in the Czech Republic, Poland, and Belarus, were engineers had broad access to the Orion network management software that Russia’s agents compromised.”

Seriously, I can’t.»


Pelosi announces proposed rules package for incoming Congress | TheHill



«The package would also… increase the availability of the machine-readable versions of legislative documents.»

Lots of good stuff in this rules package and conservatives are upset about… gender-neutral language.

On org-mode & usability


Actually, I don’t think truer words about org-mode have been spoken. (ftr, I’m an org-mode user.)

Liam Proven (@lproven) Tweeted: «@pdcawley I’ve tried, repeatedly, but it’s the user-interface equivalent of trying to learn to juggle using plutonium spheres.

I’m sure there’s some amazing editor functionality buried in there but you have to eat your way through a lot of 1970s HCI hate-crime to get to it.»