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How obituaries got a jolt of new life in the Internet era – The Washington Post

Good article. This just jumped out at me:

«After [Brittany] Murphy and [Michael] Jackson’s deaths in 2009, though, some obituary editors took a hard look at some younger superstars with chaotic lives. And when British pop diva Amy Winehouse died at age 27 in 2011 after a public struggle with addiction, The Washington Post had a prewritten obituary ready to publish.»

Also this:

«“I believe everyone has one good story in them,” said Kay Powell, a like-minded former obituaries editor for the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, whose subjects included a woman who sang at Martin Luther King Jr.’s funeral and a health department bureaucrat who introduced pasteurized milk to Georgia. “It’s up to us to find it and write it.”»

Happy Veterans Day! ^_^ Thank you for your service! ^_^

We have two, count ’em, two, holidays in which we celebrate military service and zero holidays in which we celebrate the orderlies who will be changing my bedpan in 30 years when I’m scared and in pain, and grouchy, or the teachers who did their best to instill critical thinking and good social habits into my kids.

Apart from whatever holidays Congress has enacted in order to score votes.