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Missouri Jackass

Based on a link from an article on Sen. Josh Hauley (blah blah blah, who cares?), I’m drinking a drink called a Missouri Jackass (except I don’t have limeade, so i just went with a lime), and I gotta say: holy moly y’all. This is a boilermaker without the in-your-face bourbon-ness to warn you. The rum just HIDES. Extreme caution is advised.

(Maybe it’s the fact that I don’t have any Michelob Ultra in the house, just high-falutin’ white liberal beer.)

12 oz beer

6 oz light rum

6 oz frozen limeade

On slavery and the fragmentation of families

«The historian Michael Tadman has estimated that the domestic [slave] trade split up about one third of first marriages in the upper South and separated nearly half of all children in the region from at least one parent.»


Alex Jones was just found liable for $4 million in damages and then ten times as much for punitive damages, which is a legitimate legal thing (I thought triple was sort of the standard, though). My recent reparations back-of-the-envelope calculations didn’t even take punitive damages into consideration.

Hispanic polling

I think I heard something similar on a 538 podcast (?) recently. There is no monolithic Hispanic vote.

Selective offense and ‘not all white people’: We shouldn’t have to keep coddling y’all – TheGrio

Another spin on the “not all [blank]” thing. Eventually I’ll truly get it.

Always hard to get yelled at by a Black person*, but if we cut to the chase:

«I’ve said previously that when Black people discuss whiteness, unless we name specific individuals we are talking about, we are referring to the “collective whiteness that unites white people even when y’all aren’t all on the same page or following the same agenda or falling into the same category. It’s that “general you” versus “specific you” type of thing.”»

*’Cause, ya know, they’re/y’all’re generally right. Unjustified anger is easier to brush off.

«But please believe that if you benefit from these systems and constructs, even in the slightest, and you aren’t doing anything to help dismantle them, then yes, maybe YOU’RE THE REAL RACIST.

To put it plainly, get your asses off your shoulders and do something.»

Sigh. But this armchair is so comfortable.