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The Radicalism of Warren’s Unapologetic Aggression (The New Republic)

Don’t know if TNR is any good*, but this tweet did highlight the best part:

«”Here was an assassin, bathed in the blood of her enemies, turning steady eyes to the TV camera and offering her talents to the public: For the small price of a primary vote, this assassin will work for you.”»

*It supposedly was, at some point, but there’s been some drama and I don’t know where things stand now.

Out tribe is better

This is a real thing. “Our tribe is better. We get access to the watering hole.”

Just Plain Tom Tomorrow (@tomtomorrow) Tweeted:
generic trump rally …
trump: I’m really stupid and racist! and so are all of you!
audience: we’re all really stupid and racist, hurray!
fox news: why do liberals insist on calling trump supporters stupid and racist?

The Most Annoying Corporate Buzzwords – The Atlantic

«For many workers, it can be risky to tell your boss that you’re going to “come up with really random, insane ideas to see if you like any of them,” rather than that you plan to “think outside the box.” So rather than disrupting the status quo, you may just want to leverage your ability to speak Corporate in order to bring more to the table. At least until you become the boss.»

Of course… every boss has another boss. Eventually, your boss is the market (macro-) or stupid customers (micro-), so….

Democrats Should Be Worried About the Latino Vote – The Atlantic

«the organizers I spoke with said they fear that the candidates are struggling to understand a key fact about Latinos in America: They are a tremendously diverse group ideologically and culturally. And that diversity means there’s an opening for Republican overtures.

“Latino conservatives in Florida and in Texas, by the way, are amenable to the Republican message and are willing to forgive Trump’s anti-immigrant, anti-Latino rhetoric to a certain extent,” said Garcia, the League of United Latin American Citizens leader. “That’s a small minority. But, you know, the difference between 20 and 30 percent could mean the difference of winning Texas or Florida or losing them.”

In other words: Republicans don’t need to win all, or even a majority of, the Latino votes to win in competitive states. Trump seems on track to capture 25 to 30 percent of Latino voters in 2020, a steady showing from his 29 percent support in 2016 and the roughly 32 percent of Latinos who voted for Republicans in 2018.»