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1/6 rioters’ guilty pleas are insincere

This fight is definitely still going on and will for years. These are the same folks who don’t like fluoride in the water supply.

«“Many defendants appear sincere at sentencing, boasting of their purportedly deep shame, regret, and desire to change and be law-abiding citizens,” Lamberth wrote. “But this Court is all too familiar with crocodile tears.”»

Missing radioactive capsule found in Western Australia | Reuters

«People had been told to stay at least five metres (16.5 feet) away from the capsule if they spot it as exposure could cause radiation burns or radiation sickness, though driving past it is believed to be relatively low risk, akin to taking an X-ray.»

One would think the simplest search would be to drive down the highway with a Geiger counter, if the radiation is this powerful.

Yale honors Black girl Bobbi Wilson, 9-year-old reported to police for spraying spotted lanternfly – The Washington Post

«The officer walked over to Lawshe’s residence and explained that Bobbi was trying to catch and kill spotted lanternflies.

“What a weirdo, huh?” Lawshe responded to the officer, according to body-cam footage.»

Ok, so, in addition to whatever else this guy is, I’m going to hypothesize that he never had children.