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Six Policies Economists Love (And Politicians Hate) : Planet Money : NPR


Another one of my “I should have pinned this long ago” posts.

«A summary of the economic policies that won a thumbs-up from our broad spectrum of economists — and would probably prove toxic to any actual presidential candidate.»

The Thiel question

“What important truth do very few people agree with you on?”

Hashmaps are O(1). The number of people who don’t know this is astonishing.

Function documentation should include pre- and postconditions and invariants (since actual Design by Contract can be problematic due to side effects in call trees). I guess if you’re going to do real DBC, you should only access primitive data members without making function calls.

Logic does not belong in the database.

Caching is good. (Maybe these last two are indications that I’m not working at the right company.)

Developer documentation is worth the effort.

Slack (and MS Teams) is terrible. See above. Curation is worth the effort.

Long ‘switch’ statements are bad. Dispatch lookup tables are (probably) better.

Difficulty of prediction


Seems like a classic memo by Lin Wells (forwarded by Donald Rumsfeld to George W. Bush) in 2001 regarding the upcoming quadrennial review by… the Department of Defense?

(Five months later, 9/11 occurred.)