This Dress Survived for More Than Three Centuries at the Bottom of the Sea – The New York Times

There’s your story:

«The dresses, probably made in about 1620, were about 30 years old by the time they went down with the ship. The silk dress had a wider waist and was probably for an older woman, researchers said. The silver dress may have been a wedding dress, which could mean that the two dresses had different owners, they added.»


Possible reasons I think the monks that make green chartreuse “decided to cut back” their production:

1. They’re playing to jack up the price.

2. They ran out of some crucial ingredient, some rare flower.

3. One of the brothers got drunk and accidentally demolished two entire racks of product with a fork lift.

ICC issues arrest warrant for Putin over Ukraine war crimes | AP News


«The ICC said its pre-trial chamber found “reasonable grounds” that Putin “bears individual criminal responsibility” for the child abductions “for having committed the acts directly, jointly with others and/or through others” and for failing to “exercise control properly over civilian and military subordinates who committed the acts.”»

Louis DeJoy on USPS, Trump, and His Surprising Second Act | Time

Holy crap:

«by the time Schumer called him on that frigid winter night, DeJoy was on his way to convincing congressional Republicans—120 in the House and 29 in the Senate—to buy into a lengthy Democratic wish list of postal reforms. When President Joe Biden signed the landmark legislation into law two months later, it guaranteed a union-friendly version of six-day mail service and stabilized health coverage for the 650,000 USPS employees. “There’s no way we could have gotten [the] votes without Louis DeJoy,” says Jim Sauber, the chief of staff for the National Association of Letter Carriers at the time. “That’s for sure.”»