On the suicide of a loved one

Lots of really good replies to this tweet.


Olivia Little (@OliviaLittle) Tweeted: Yesterday my dad unexpectedly took his own life. He was the best. Worked in public education his whole life (was going to retire this year), fixed anything and everything, and always supported me. If anyone has grief advice or recommendations I’d really appreciate it. I miss him. https://t.co/A6rsP3QKZk

Tweet from A.R. Moxon, If You Can Keep It (@JuliusGoat)


Seems about right.

A.R. Moxon, If You Can Keep It (@JuliusGoat) Tweeted: What is meant by “we’ve never been so polarized as a country,” anyway? What if instead we said “It’s been a long time since the moral demands caused by the injustice suffered by marginalized people have been made so unavoidably present to so many otherwise comfortable people”?

Disparate sentencing


Shon (@gayblackvet) Tweeted: Remember when Ethan Couch killed 4 people while driving under the influence, got 10 years probabation, violated his probabation, fled the country, got arrested and sentenced to 2 years, got released and re-arrested again for violating probabation, went back on probation, and got


On charging Assange under the Espionage Act


A smart person I follow:

Caroline Orr Bueno, Ph.D (@RVAwonk) Tweeted: As I’ve said, I think Julian Assange’s despicable conduct sets him apart from real journalists, but that conduct is not what he’s being charged for. The conduct he’s being charged for is indistinguishable from the activities of real journalists, and that’s cause for concern.

driftglass: In Which David Brooks Looks Upon Imaginary Conservatism’s Mighty Works and Despairs


From an obscenity-laden angry liberal blog, I like this characterization, although… I think NO one pays attention to Brooks any more. He’s off on the side, wringing his hands to an audience of, like… 6 people.

«Instead (and in answer to those questions) I believe Brooks is a serious, committed Wingnut middleman — sort of the Fundamentalist’s pet PBS Mennonite — which IMHO is much more dangerous than a fully outed [Tom] DeLay.»