His Dark Materials Puts Atheism Ahead of Plot – The Atlantic


Good (short) article.

«In the real world, our world, there is of course another Church: the Church of Francis of Assisi and Dorothy Day, of radical advocacy, of finding Jesus in dispossession, at the edge of society. But this Church, which has an energy quite as emancipated and revolutionary as anything Lyra will find in the North, is not the caricature that Pullman’s romance requires.»

School child’s introduction to civics in France


Rim-Sarah Alouane (@RimSarah) Tweeted:
7-This is the woman,trying to comfort her crying son, who witnessed the violent behavior of those far-right reps It was a visit that was supposed to teach kids about our representative institutions, the Republic & democracy. This is what they will remember. Shameful. https://t.co/PpjJl6hLN6

There is work to be done….


Somebody should embroider this on a pillow.

Rabbi Danya Ruttenberg (@TheRaDR) Tweeted:
There is work to be done.

There is art to be made.

There is beauty to be cherished.

There are people to care for.

There is justice to fight for.

There is rest needed sometimes, too.

All of these things.

Pick a couple you can manage, today.

U.S. tells Kurds it’s just going out for a pack of cigarettes

https://t.co/gTWb659fVD https://twitter.com/ForcePao/status/1182254536565694465?s=17

“Damn” is right. That article is stone-cold something.


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Hang up when the bank fraud dept calls you


WOW. Moral: tell them you’ll call back and then use the number on the back of your bank card. Don’t just start chatting with the bank when they call you.

Pieter Gunst (@DigitalLawyer) Tweeted:
–> Needed the pin to send money, failed at that step.
–> Everything before the “what is your pin” seemed totally legitimate. English was perfect. The bank verification code, sent by the expected number, tricked me.
–> The asking for my pin over the phone… not so much.