Sci-fi books to read sometime

Dr. Liz Bourke (🏳️‍🌈 all year) (@hawkwing_lb) Tweeted:
Beginning to try to think about Hugo noms for 2019. My best novel list looks like: THE RAVEN TOWER (@ann_leckie), ANCESTRAL NIGHT (@matociquala), A MEMORY CALLED EMPIRE (@ArkadyMartine), REALM OF ASH (@tashadrinkstea), and EMPRESS OF FOREVER (@maxgladstone, token bloke).

Republican strategy in impeachment

I’m saying it now: Dems need 20+ Republicans to join them in voting to convict Trump. So, the 19 in greatest electoral danger (in the general election) will vote to convict, and it’ll be a huge deal.. Two counts in the charge means they can also switch off: some vote Yes on one, some vote Yes on the other.