NYC Hostess Attacked After Asking Texas Group for Vaccine Proof – NBC New York

«The 22-year-old hostess asked the group of Texans to show proof of getting the COVID vaccine in order to dine in the restaurant, part of NYC’s executive order that went into effect this week. Law enforcement sources said that the hostess was then repeatedly punched in the face and body, and sent to the hospital.»

Another Afghan interpreter dead

This is terrible. This is not the way we should be, as a nation. Meanwhile, a Montana politician says he doesn’t want any Afghan refugees in his state.

What Redistricting Looks Like In Every State | FiveThirtyEight

Welp… I guess there’s a (fore)shadow election going on in the country now. This is what happens when people snooze through judicial elections and a redistricting-year election. (It’s not enough, of course, to elect one hero or get rid of one villain, but our news headlines live to drive us to focus on One Guy.)

Tweet from Noah Smith (@Noahpinion)

Today is Noah Smith day, apparently.

Noah Smith 🐇 (@Noahpinion) Tweeted: “All the armies of Europe and Asia…could not by force take a drink from the Ohio River…No, if destruction be our lot we must ourselves be its author and finisher. As a nation of free men we will live forever or die by suicide.” — Abraham Lincoln