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Random cool tweet about hope in an imperfect world


This tweet has stuck with me for a bit, but not because of its topic, and it comes back to my mind in the context of listening to marginalized people (specifically, white people listening to black people):

The gist, in my mind, being: yes, the world isn’t perfect and never has been (although you might think it was, at some point in the past), and “we” (the people you need to be listening to) have been working to make it better all along, without ever giving up hope. (That’s the collective “we”, not a bunch of individuals. Individuals do indeed give up hope, but the group doesn’t.)

And it gets tossed off as an aside, a matter of course, something not even worth dwelling on.

Maybe I’m doing the Magical Negro thing, but I choose to be inspired.

The 5 Key Constituencies Of The 2020 Democratic Primary | FiveThirtyEight


«One obvious question you might have before we proceed further: Why aren’t women one of the groups? The answer is that women represent almost 60 percent of the Democratic primary electorate3 and so they’re a major portion of all of these groups. In fact, women are likely the majority of all of these groups, with the possible exception of The Left, which skews male. So when you think of a default voter from one of these groups, you should probably think of a woman.»

(I haven’t read the details of each group.)