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NYT: How Elizabeth Warren Got to ‘Yes’ on Medicare for All


«What few people knew [Buttegieg attack at the last debate] then was that Ms. Warren and her Boston-based team had been privately crunching numbers since at least late August, working with the internal imperative to craft a package without hiking middle-class taxes, according to interviews with people directly involved in the process.

The onslaught at the debate accelerated the timeline. One academic described working so hard with Warren officials in late October that he was distracted from his teaching duties; another said she made final edits on a letter endorsing Ms. Warren’s math in her car at her child’s school during a Halloween parade.

“Syria is easier compared to this,” said one Warren adviser, granted anonymity to speak about the process of crafting a plan.»

Random cool tweet about hope in an imperfect world


This tweet has stuck with me for a bit, but not because of its topic, and it comes back to my mind in the context of listening to marginalized people (specifically, white people listening to black people):

The gist, in my mind, being: yes, the world isn’t perfect and never has been (although you might think it was, at some point in the past), and “we” (the people you need to be listening to) have been working to make it better all along, without ever giving up hope. (That’s the collective “we”, not a bunch of individuals. Individuals do indeed give up hope, but the group doesn’t.)

And it gets tossed off as an aside, a matter of course, something not even worth dwelling on.

Maybe I’m doing the Magical Negro thing, but I choose to be inspired.