Biden’s first day in office


Republicans for Joe Biden (@RepsForBiden) Tweeted: What’s the first thing you want President Biden to do on the first say in office?

Good question, actually. Let’s see…

  • End the Muslim travel ban
  • End the policy that puts children in cages
  • Start finding those kids’ parents (and tee up therapy/counseling for those kids and families)
  • End the rest of Trump’s Executive Orders that actually had any effect
  • Accept the resignations of/fire all Trump executive branch appointees (including federal prosecutors)
  • Begin prep for Infrastructure Week (start looking for shovel-ready projects?)
  • Begin assisting the various regional state efforts to combat covid
  • Wear a stylish mask (black-on-black paisley or something, I dunno)

I might be modifying this list as time goes by.

… And, sure enough (based on other replies to that tweet):

  • Rejoin Paris Climate Accord
  • Rejoin WHO
  • Submit TPP ratification to Congress
  • Replace troops pulled out of Germany
  • Begin discussions with Europe on enforcing Iran nuclear agreement
  • Instruct DOJ, ATF to begin investigations of domestic terrorism and anti-government extremists
  • Revoke Trump family security clearances (that’s a gimme, though, right?)
  • Remove the barriers around Tinyman Square
  • Fix the Rose Garden
  • Begin discussions with China on ending tariffs
  • End DOJ efforts to repeal ACA
  • Nominate as many new Cabinet heads as he can (Day ONE)

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