Managing blocklists on Mastodon


«Over the last few hours Mastodon treasure @Teri_Kanefield has been the victim of very vulgar harassment on her server

Mastodon lets users create their own instances, but you need to block bad instances.

Fortunately, Mastodon provides support for this:

New MastoAdmin Guide To Banning Servers >>>

Oliphant.Social Mastodon Blocklists >>>

Other recommendations, specific instructions?

#MastoAdmin #harassment #Fediblock


Pete @Pete: “You won’t be able to stay ahead of the garbage if you try to block domain by domain. You want an automated solution that leverages the collective moderation efforts of the Fediverse. I use FediBlockHole ( and sync with the oliphant unified tier 2 blocklist ( Set it up to run daily in cron and you’ll see an immediate improvement. Follow @fediblock who does a great job curating, de-duping and boosting #fediblock“»

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