Twitter says it has quit taking action against lies about the 2020 election – CNNPolitics

Once again, we are reminded social media is garbage. I do try to follow people who have interesting/useful things to say on Twitter (and it’s like looking at the world through a cardboard tube – you miss a lot), but, in general, it’s crap. Facebook is worse.

«The civic integrity policy still exists, Busby said in an email, but it is “no longer” being applied to lies about the 2020 election in particular. Busby said that’s because the policy is designed to be used “during the duration” of an election or other civic event, and “the 2020 U.S. election is not only certified, but President Biden has been in office for more than a year.”

Lies about the 2020 election, however, have never gone away. In fact, they continue to play a major role in American politics.»

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