Fascists Are Weaponizing Twitter’s New ‘Private Media’ Rule

So, here’s a breathless article on how Twitter is allowing the far right to suppress info by gaming the new rule on not posting “private media”. And, my first thought is: why don’t these folks blog (or something)? Why are they making themselves dependent on Twitter?

And the answer, of course, is: they ARE blogging (or rather: they DO have their own website, and they’re not dependent on Twitter). Duh. Why would I think otherwise?

What’s stupid is allowing myself to be swayed by other stupid “news” articles like the one quoted below.

«Atlanta Antifascists, one of the more prominent anti-fascist accounts on Twitter, tweeted on Thursday it had been reported for exposing the identity of a “White Student Union” organizer. It added Twitter had locked them out of their account until they deleted the post.»

Source: Fascists Are Weaponizing Twitter’s New ‘Private Media’ Rule

And here’s the site: https://atlantaantifa.org/

(Let’s see if Twitter blocks me for this.)

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