Where Immigrant Neighborhoods Swung Right in the Election – The New York Times


Eh. I’d be interested to know who the extra voters were. I imagine a neighborhood becoming more and more immigrant over time and ticked-off white voters showing up to vote, driven in part by Trumpist rhetoric (and permission to vote their bigotry) and in part by the rate of change in the makeup of their neighborhood, while immigrant voters (particularly Latino) continue their low-propensity trends.

I do agree there’s a pool of social conservatism among immigrant and Black voters, and the Democratic story is lacking when speaking to those voters. This is part of that whole pro-life-movement-being-a-cover-for-racism thing: Dems aren’t fooled, but in fighting the racism, they also wind up fighting pro-lifers, which has a cost in immigrant and Black communities. (Indigenous, too, i guess, so… BIPOC?)

Another, sadder, possibility is that ethnocentrism is a worldwide phenomen, not just white, and immigrants are both voting their own ethnocentrism AND voting their I-got-mine-screw-you feelings. Which I hope isn’t true, but… the problem with humanity is the humans, sometimes. If so, that means we might eventually be heading in the direction of Yugoslavia, with epic ethnic violence. (That would be generations down the road, not in one or two.)

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