On conservatives isolating themselves on Parler


YYupp. Acquaintance of mine made a big announcement about moving to Parler last July 4th. I thought he was a reasonable dude, and maybe he’s since changed his mind, but also… maybe not. Anyway, he’s added nothing to the conversation and we were only vaguely acquainted, so… no big loss.

«Parler is apparently the more right-wing, more racist version of fb & Twitter. I’m seeing several conservative Christians I know on Facebook announce they are leaving fb for Parler today. So while conservative leaders are lecturing folks on the left to go make a conservative 1/2

friend, the conservatives are all further isolating themselves on a platform that “doesn’t censor” aka is where all the hate speech/far right folks who have been banned go. Those who want to bridge & heal, will. They already know us. Those that don’t are further isolating. 2/2»

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