Elizabeth Warren made $67k/yr for 30 years at Harvard Law School.


I *almost* feel sorry for this WSJ reporter. Almost.

Josh Jamerson (@joshjame) Tweeted:
«NEWS: Elizabeth Warren was compensated nearly $2 million over about three decades for doing consulting & other legal work, per campaign.

She previously disclosed the cases she worked on but compensation is new amid calls by Mayor Pete to release more tax returns. Story up soon»

Here’s another interesting observation:


Courtney Ranstrom (@courtranstrom) Tweeted:
«@joshjame @Bencjacobs That shakes out to $67,000/year. If she’s consulting, she’s probably 1099. Based on an hourly rate of $200, that’s only 330 hours per year. I’m not surprised she had multiple income streams as a professor-that’s common at law schools & MBA programs. Most of my professors did.»

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