Essay: Engaging “Whiteness”: A Wrestle Not Against Flesh & Blood

This is interesting.

«In the meantime, we must recognize that seeking to dismantle the oppressive power and privilege of “Whiteness” is not a battle against flesh and blood. It is a battle against spiritual forces who desire to keep people groups oppressed and the reputation of the church marred. As White Christians seek to learn about the history of Whiteness, why it was invented, and what it has done; the anger, sensitivity, and rage they will encounter will be spiritual warfare. As Christians of Color, especially black Christians, seek to engage white Christians on these things we must also recognize that we are entering into a stronghold that the devil has used to cause profound devastation in the church. Satan will not let this go easily. We fight to bring awareness because we cannot allow the devil to continue to hold the church and the world captive to systems of oppression. We must also be careful and faith-filled because the battle to dismantle this stronghold has left martyrs in its wake.»

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