Sun24 and Catholic Church surpass 1.5 million Africans trained to improve cookstoves – Religion News Service

Interesting. You’d think it’d be an old trick by now, though.

«3 billion people rely on cooking over open fires or primitive stoves. Most use wood. Women average 15 hours per week collecting firewood, subjecting themselves to sexual assault. Women and children become ill and die breathing cookstove smoke. Firewood harvesting causes deforestation. The black carbon emitted from these cookstoves is a major contributor to climate change.

Amazingly, the simple and free act of placing rocks in these cookstoves cuts firewood usage by a third and smoke is greatly reduced, too. Kevin McLean, Sun24’s president, says: “The women love using rocks in their cookstoves because they spend much less time collecting firewood and their family breathes much less smoke.”»

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