New Census Data Reinforces Urgency of House GOP’s Female Recruitment Push | The Cook Political Report

In other words: 2018 wasn’t the last word. The struggle isn’t over; it’ll never be over. Don’t relax and sit back. Demographics is NOT destiny.

«The silver lining for Republicans in the 2018 data is that there’s plenty of upside for Trump and GOP congressional candidates in 2020: overall, per the Census, there were 41.8 million eligible men without college degrees who didn’t cast ballots in 2018, versus just 12.9 million eligible women with college degrees who didn’t turn out. In all likelihood, many Trump voters will reenter the fold when Trump’s name is on the ballot.


House Republicans are well aware that to recover lost ground with professional suburban women, they’re probably going to need more candidates who fit that description themselves.

It’s early, but so far House Republicans have enjoyed surprising success on that front — especially for a party that just lost its majority. In just about every region of the country, GOP women have been among the first serious candidates to jump into tough races — a result of concerted behind-the-scenes efforts led by Rep. Elise Stefanik, NRCC Recruitment Chair Rep. Susan Brooks and NRCC Executive Director Parker Hamilton Poling.


There’s no guarantee these GOP women will make it through tough primaries or run well enough ahead of Trump to win back districts that have trended blue. After all, it’ll be hard to escape Trump’s shadow in a presidential year. But if they can build appeal with suburban women who don’t like Trump but don’t like Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s politics either, they could be the key to a Republican rebound.»

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