5 thoughts on “The Girl on the Train | Erynn Brook

  1. roastn

    Beautiful story, thank you for sharing. A couple of weeks ago I saw a group of people LIFTING a car off of another person and it struck me that people are good. Everyone there probably was on their way somewhere but someone needed help and they performed. So 100% of what you said. Let’s make this world better, every opportunity we have. 💜


  2. rupesh4readers

    Sometimes we feel that we are meant to rescue the people around us who suffer but all they want is our support & to stand beside them so that each and every time they face a problem they should have capability to face it off & not merely become helpless & seek a rescue….
    Different message but important one !!!


  3. dreamcoloristconnected

    My daughter when still in college had the same seizure episodes at the train . People are still good by heart, there was always somebody looking out for her . But the calls from strangers using my daughter ‘s phone were something akin to plunging down an abyss.



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