A brief (fascist) history of ‘I don’t care’ | Overland literary journal

Source: https://overland.org.au/2018/06/a-brief-fascist-history-of-i-dont-care/

Everybody’s analyzing the dickens out of Melania’s jacket, so I’ll add my two cents. I think it’s (maybe) subversive. If her jacket just said “Me ne frego”, that’d be one thing, but it ends with a query that really demands an answer: “I really don’t care. Do you?” I’m willing to credit someone from a formerly communist country with a little subtlety.

«This article was sparked by the jacket that Melania Trump wore as she travelled to a detention camp for migrant children, but my intent isn’t to argue that she or her staff chose that jacket in order to send a coded message to the president’s far-right followers. It is, rather, to highlight some of the historical echoes of that phrase – ‘I don’t care’.»

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