Peer-to-peer social media is garbage

Peer-to-peer social media is garbage.

Inside Joe’s bubble: How Biden’s campaign is trying to avoid the virus – POLITICO

Amused that Joe Biden’s sense of personal space is getting him in trouble. 🙂

«Campaign eyes are always trained on the bubble. When Biden inadvertently wanders too close to others, staff pounces with warnings: “Six feet! Six feet!” aides called out in unison at a recent news conference in Wilmington.

“Keep back!” Biden was instructed by staff while in mid-sentence during a meeting in Wisconsin.»

Beyond Authenticity: the Spectre of Han Hegemony | by Jeannette Ng | Sep, 2020 | Medium

@jeannette_ng is worth following.

«This dichotomy between Chinese civilisation and the barbarians that besiege them is a cornerstone of the Chinese telling of history. It informs modern Han hegemony in the same way a white supremacist draws glory from Western Civilisation and the Roman Empire. As tropes, these things linger in our stories, even if we don’t intend them to retain those meanings.


Overly fixating on the fact that Mulan was made by white people obfuscates all the ways it is peddling China’s own toxic nationalist myths. That Mulan fights to defend what is now Xinjiang, filmed in Xinjiang, from Islamic-coded invaders who have been invited in by a conquered colonial subject is not a neutral story. Whether or not the half dozen white scribes of the film intended it or not, they have written something that fits very neatly in with current propaganda.


There is no single, unified “Chinese”-ness and to imply there is only one Acceptable Cultural Narrative for All Chinese People is itself part of the problem.»

Received my absentee ballot today

Got my NC ballot. The tracking site at reports that it is “outbound” (as opposed to “inbound”). The other two states are “received” and “accepted” (meaning “counted”, I think).

Now all I have to do is figure out who I’m voting for. (For things like NC State Auditor. I already know about the top of the ticket. Keep your shirt on.)