Getting What We Pay For

If this is how state governments across the nation work, no wonder groups like ALEC went to work on them. When Republicans call for devolving decisions from the federal to state governments, these are the bodies they want to make decisions. I guess you can’t be a state legislator unless you’re well-off enough to horse around in the capitol 8 months out of the year.

«the job pays $13,951 a year, a figure that hasn’t changed since 1995. You’ll receive a small stipend for every day you work, but that stipend won’t be enough to pay for a place to stay unless you prefer motels that end in the number six. Some of your colleagues cope by camping at the North Carolina State Fairgrounds on workdays.


Staff support? You won’t have a lot of it. You will have an assistant, and from time to time, floating staff in the office will offer some help. But the current management team just fired 14 highly educated staffers who were supposed to help you with the more wonky aspects of the job.


The North Carolina General Assembly governs the 9th most populous state in the nation, but ranks as only the 21st most professional legislature.»

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Honestly, after Eisenhower, it’s been all downhill for the Republicans.

Dave Weigel (@daveweigel) Tweeted: Looking back at this week, most significant development in “what the GOP stands for” is probably Romney-Cotton endorsing a minimum wage hike “while ensuring businesses cannot hire illegal immigrants.” That’s European party of the right energy

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Chad Loder (@chadloder) Tweeted: I don’t know how my dad managed to avoid overdosing on fentanyl. It was just luck of the draw. All the man ever wanted to do was to swing a hammer. He was a damn good builder and draftsman. He did exquisite work. A lifelong bookworm. A jazz and blues fanatic. A good dad.

A broken biogeochemical cycle | Nature

Interesting article on phosphorus, while everybody’s worried about oil, carbon, and all the technology-critical elements used to make smartphones.

«To meet our demands for energy, humankind has moved masses of carbon from deep underground into the atmosphere, wreaking havoc with the climate. To meet our demand for food, we have moved large amounts of nitrogen from the atmosphere to fields, rivers and forests, devastating ecosystems. To grow our crops we have interfered with Earth’s reserves of a third element — phosphorus — which receives much less press and for which we face the unique problem of having both too much and too little.»

Rape culture in the Army (and the rest of the U.S. Military)

So, normally, I think we have the finest military in the world, but, um….

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Aaand we’re off.

19thnews (@19thnews) Tweeted: 🧵 South Carolina Gov. Henry McMaster on Thursday signed a bill into law that would ban nearly all abortions in the state. Abortion-rights advocates say the legislation is the first major abortion restriction passed out of a statehouse in 2021.

Raising money for Texas

Thinking right/left fundraising competitions for crises like this would be neat, but the right would always lose because of clowns like the former mayor of Colorado City, TX.

Nicholas Kristof (@NickKristof) Tweeted: A little embarrassing for the Texas GOP that @AOC did more for hurting Texans in this crisis than Senator Cruz did.

Btw, there are a zillion ways to give. UMCOR is rock solid, and if you want to be nationalistic… (They’ve probably got funds now that are already flowing, but they’ll need replenishing.) There are also probably Texas conferences of the UMC, and the Episcopalians are doing something, too. As are, probably, the Presbyterians, and, ya know… everybody else.

Ted Cruz’s Cancún Trip: Family Texts Detail His Political Blunder – The New York Times

I like the “two parents” part.

«In his statements, Mr. Cruz noted that the private school his daughters attend in Houston was closed this week. But some other parents at the school were incensed when they heard about his international trip because of the pandemic and school policies that have discouraged such travel abroad.

Two parents provided a copy of the written school policy for students not to return to classrooms for seven days after international travel, or to take a coronavirus test three to five days after returning, which would keep the Cruz children out of school for the following week.»