The Tea Party is still us

This is our electorate, though. Not some despicable tiny fraction but loads of people not really examining their own motivations. Condemnation is not going to help (as good as it feels). Flies, vinegar, honey.

Judicial elections matter

This, btw, is why judicial elections in NC matter.


Why, yes, i did discover somebody new to follow on Twitter.

John Pfaff (@JohnFPfaff) Tweeted: Miller was abused, attempted suicide several times, starting at SIX. He is not “incorrigible.” He was a hurt, suffering child. I mean, he claimed he was “God” when he committed his crime. This doesn’t point to moral failings demanding “an answer.” This demands something else.

Closing private prisons caused CO to re-open an old supermax with emphasis on solitary confinement


John Pfaff (@JohnFPfaff) Tweeted: It’s a blistering example of how “close the privates!” COMPLETELY misses the point. If the (public) police keep arresting ppl who the (public) DAs keep convicting and the (public) judges keep giving prison time, the (public) DOC will find the space. Here: the WORST space.

The internet is stoopid

Gah. What happened to Darrell Owens (@IDoTheThinking)? He posts good stuff, I blog some of it with WordPress’s automatic link embedding, it gets shipped back to Twitter with IFTTT, then he deletes his account (or takes it private) and the whole delicate house of links collapses. At least the quote is still there if you don’t try to read it through Twitter on Android (don’t know about iOS).

The politicians who tried to overturn an election — and the local news team that won’t let anyone forget it – The Washington Post–and-the-local-news-team-that-wont-let-anyone-forget-it/2021/05/01/cc8764f6-a91e-11eb-8d25-7b30e74923ea_story.html

I wonder if I can find info about North Carolina politicians.

Answer: why, yes: