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Covid-19 Changed How the World Does Science, Together – The New York Times

“Insufficiently profitable.” So, we either have to make it more profitable (by allowing pharma to profit off vaccines) or we have to have governments developing more vaccines. As long as we don’t fix this, we’ll continue to experience these sorts of crises.

«While Mr. Trump has touted American pharmaceutical prowess, and big drug companies like Pfizer and Johnson & Johnson have announced that they are bankrolling coronavirus vaccine research, the biggest drug companies focus on drugs they can sell year after year in affluent countries, not during short-lived crises centered in the developing world. Vaccine research has been seen as insufficiently profitable.

When Ebola captured the world’s attention in 2014, for example, the drug giants that chased a vaccine all took major losses on their investments. The first vaccine, originally devised by a Canadian government lab and now sold by Merck, was approved for sale last year, long after the epidemic faded.»

Mississippi governor issues statewide shelter-in-place order

Welp… This governor was in the news not many days ago proudly stating that he didn’t need to issue a stay-at-home order for his state because there wasn’t any Covid there. The implication being that Covid is some sort of liberal/coastal state problem and real Murricans didn’t have to do all that stuff the pansies in New York and San Francisco have to do because they’re weak ninnies who let too many foreigners and other questionable sorts in, and then get scared about The Covid.

I’m guessing every one of these types of governors will get ground down by this pandemic, and in fairly short order.