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Tweet from Bitchcoin (@SubMedina)

Hmm. I wonder what @davidfrum DOES have to say about spending $6 tuhhRILLION on the Iraq war ($2 tril hot and $4 more tril over the following 30 years taking care of wounded vets and replacing equipment).

Bitchcoin (@SubMedina) Tweeted: Who did this?

Update: well… he did say this:

Bruce Boynton was in utero when his mom met a slave

More wow. And a family of strong people.

Thread Reader App (@threadreaderapp) Tweeted: @BreadConquerer Salam, here is your unroll: @michaelharriot: Bruce Boynton died today. A lot of people don’t know his name but he is evidence of how recent slavery… Talk to you soon. 🤖

Sorry, Tim Miller, but no


I had an email conversation w/one of your honchos a while ago about the past racism of the Republican party, and he said “I’m no historian.” An editor at a zine which attaches itself to William Buckley’s “standing athwart history” quote. So… No. You people are still full of it. Becoming “independent” is hogwash. (There’s another noun starting with “ho-” but I’m trying to be polite-ish.)

«Which is why, by the way, our product is so uninhibited and honest and I really hope if you made it this far that you will sign up for Bulwark+ and support what we are doing here.»