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good thread on abuse and recovery

The end of a good thread on abuse and recovery:

Moose was already scary (@Moose4Science) Tweeted: I guess I’ll put this thread to rest on a better note- If you’ve been through things, it isn’t your fault. But it is your responsibility to get better. I have a complicated trauma history from then til recent days, from civ and mil Life is messy. Do the work to do better.

Critical race theory fades as a hot topic on Fox, other right-wing networks – The Washington Post

Seems about right:

«In the rising and now waning focus on critical race theory, Thomas sees a politically driven programming philosophy of “whatever works … CRT one week, cancel culture the next, the threat to our borders the next, the hordes of Muslims being brought over from Afghanistan the next.”»

A Surprising Proposal at the Supreme Court in Torture Case – The New York Times

«Abu Zubaydah, a Palestinian, was captured in Pakistan in March 2002 and was initially thought be a high-level member of Al Qaeda. A 2014 report from the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence said “the C.I.A. later concluded that Abu Zubaydah was not a member of Al Qaeda.”»


«Abu Zubaydah, who was waterboarded more than 60 times and is being held without charge at Guantánamo Bay.»


Why are we still holding him in Guantánamo?

On the topic of torture, the position of George W. Bush and the Vulcans (and everybody who agrees with them) is simply barbaric and unworthy of a nation that considers itself enlightened.

Opinion | What’s Wrong With Kyrsten Sinema? – The New York Times

Well, this is quite an opening paragraph:

«In 2003, Joe Lieberman, at the time one of the worst Democratic senators, traveled to Arizona to campaign for his party’s presidential nomination and was regularly greeted by antiwar demonstrators. “He’s a shame to Democrats,” said the organizer of a protest outside a Tucson hotel, a left-wing social worker named Kyrsten Sinema. “I don’t even know why he’s running. He seems to want to get Republicans voting for him — what kind of strategy is that?”»

The closer is quietly savage, too:

«“I think she’s just really invested in that self-image, personally, as someone who stands up to her party, and I think she has really lost track of what is actually politically prudent, even to put aside the impact on the lives of millions of people,” said Emily Kirkland, executive director of Progress Arizona, a progressive group that worked to elect Sinema to the Senate. There’s a difference, it turns out, between being a maverick and being a narcissist.»


Quinoa with Salmon and Swiss Chard Recipe | Allrecipes

This is a really good recipe, but here’s the crazy kicker: save the pot liquor from poaching the salmon (use a lot of crappy white wine you wouldn’t normally drink, for whatever reason (NOT THE COCONUT MANISCHEWITZ!)). Aftwards, pour some in a mug, throw in a shot of gin (you heard me), maybe some salt, warm it up a li’l in the µ-wave, and… yum!!

Imagine… juniper, coriander, orange peel…. and fish!

Covid, in Retreat – The New York Times

«Of the more than 700,000 Americans who have died from it, nearly 200,000 probably could have been saved if they had chosen to take a vaccine. That is a national tragedy.

Covid also isn’t going to disappear anytime soon. It will continue to circulate for years, many scientists believe. But the vaccines can transform Covid into a manageable disease….»

Maybe even more than 200,000 if the previous president* hadn’t torn up the plan his predecessor left him.

Pandora Papers reveal secret offshore financial system for global elites – Washington Post


«South Dakota, Nevada and other states have adopted financial secrecy laws that rival those of offshore jurisdictions. Records show leaders of foreign governments, their relatives and companies moving their private fortunes into U.S.-based trusts.»

On taxing “worth”

Hmmm. Pretty sure we do pay taxes on houses, so this isn’t a great example, but, still, worth thinking about.

Alex Fitzgerald (@AlexBFitzgerald) Tweeted: @DanPriceSeattle The word “worth” as you’ve used it in this tweet needs a very precise definition. My house is worth double today than what it was ten years ago. Do you want me to pay taxes on that “value” today? If I do and the housing market crashes next year will I get my money back?

Here’s another tweet on the same thread:

David Bullock (@davidjbullock) Tweeted:
@DjMooncheeks @DanPriceSeattle Except most of that “wealth” isn’t *money*; it’s speculative / potential stock value. It’s not income and not money until they sell it. They’re usually limited on liquidation events due to insider knowledge, and if they sell too much too fast, it drops in value.

Maybe we just need to tax purchases (of yachts, overpowered recreational boats, second homes, jewelry, $50,000 pickup trucks, …).

Death by poverty in our “justice system”

This is wrong..

Alec Karakatsanis (@equalityAlec) Tweeted: THREAD: It is with sadness that I tell you about Justin Henderson, who died in the downtown Houston jail. He was trapped there during a pandemic because he couldn’t pay a few hundred dollars in cash. Although no media reported his death, his story is important.