Wisconsin 2023 ballot measures – Ballotpedia

I see a lot of posts on Mastodon from people happily focusing on the win by Janet Protasiewicz, a liberal state supreme court justice. A LOT.

And, yes, that’s a great thing. Positive national implications.

And exactly one post about the ballot measures, which were also passed. Which inspired me to do a little googling.


Wow, this seems pretty poisonous. Enshrining cash bail in the state constitution and making it harsher than before, if I understand correctly. Why is that necessary? How will it not disproportionately harm Black people in application? Was that just to drive conservative turnout up? Why did they pass?


This just seems like Racism Without Racists, which is the title of a book by Eduardo Bonilla-Silva (which I won’t link because three links is too many).

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