Opinion | The Party’s Over for Us. Where Do We Go Now? – The New York Times

Hey, David Brooks and Bret Stephens: it was the racism. Not the “post-Reagan decay of the Republican party” or whatever you want to call it. Not Gingrich. Not Fox News. Go back to 1964 and “hunt where the ducks are”.

«[David:] I walked into the polling booth that November genuinely not knowing if I would vote for McCain or Barack Obama. Then an optical illusion flashed across my brain. McCain and Obama’s names appeared to be written on the ballot in 12-point type. But Sarah Palin’s name looked like it was written in red in 24-point type. I don’t think I’ve ever said this publicly before, but I voted for Obama.

Bret: I voted for McCain. If I were basing my presidential votes on the vice-presidential candidate, I’d have thought twice about voting for Biden.»

Seriously, I rest my case (Bret).

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