Trump voters

Megan McArdle:

«Try for a moment to see how the world looks to a Trump voter, which is to say, someone who probably doesn’t have many friends who work in academia, or journalism, or high up in some expert bureaucracy like public health or the courts. They are aware that those folks have long viewed them with a mixture of bemused contempt and outright loathing, and they’re understandably a little peeved. They’re also pretty mad that Republican elected officials colluded with those elites to suppress consideration of popular restrictions on immigration and trade.

That Trump is a pariah among the professional class is a feature, not a bug….

…most notably his baseless allegations of election fraud. But convincing someone that those allegations are nonsense requires either that they have an expert command of polling and election data, or else that they trust the pronouncements of mainstream institutional sources — which, if you are a Trump voter, means trusting people who have spent much of the last six years explaining that you voted for Trump because you are a) a bigot b) a fascist and/or c) too dumb to come in out of the rain.

You wouldn’t trust anyone who talked like that about you, either.»

Yes, we really need to find a way to speak more compassionately and convincingly across the divide. Somehow.


(Thanks, Republican party, for cultivating these people since 1964.)

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