NC Board of Elections votes against certifying Green Party | Raleigh News & Observer

Thinking of somebody I know who’s kind of fringe-y but also not a COMPLETE lunatic who might very well vote Dem down-ballot but now might not vote at all.

There WERE a bunch of sketchy signatures, so the issue was “do we table this for further analysis and discussion, or just vote on it now?”

«[Republican] Tucker moved to vote on certification, rather than table the issue, resulting in the board rejecting the Green Party’s certification.

The state board’s investigation into potential fraud will continue. It’s unclear what avenues the Green Party may now have to appear on the ballot.

Love said the board does not have the statutory authority to extend the July 1 deadline, but a court possibly could. Love said the Green Party’s case had led staff to consider making recommendations for legislative changes to the General Assembly. Among these were the suggestion that it be illegal to pay petition gatherers by signature and requiring petition pages to identify the person gathering the signatures.»

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