So… I only have 8 followers who aren’t bots or SEO scammers, so this won’t make an impact, but… the supreme court and the right aren’t coming for women’s rights. That’s a side effect. The real goal is racism and not having to send white kids to school with Black kids, where they might learn Black people are humans, too. It’s a smoke screen, always has been, and will continue to be so. Watch for further rulings from this same court on charter schools, separate-but-equal, etc. The right has their conservative court in place because the center-left only ever focused on the person at the top (the presidency). They still are, with criticisms of Obama, and probably Clinton, if I keep reading.

The time has come for me to start unfollowing people who retweet tweets dumping on Obama or calling for restructuring the court or overriding the filibuster NOW, when the horse has left the building. That time has long past, and those “solutions” are useless poses. Those folks have nothing to add to the conversation.

(What it’s time for is grass roots engagement, both persuasion and GOTV. *Both.*)

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