Ukraine and Russia draw up neutrality plan to end war | Financial Times

Now it gets fun (assuming this is true). I wonder what the sense of folks in Ukraine is, and how the leadership would even find out. Ask the mayors of Kherson, Kharkhiv and other towns (the ones who haven’t been kidnapped and replaced by quislings)? Would the people of Ukraine really accept this? (Basically, no support from the West and restrictions on their own military ability.) Will they require reparations from Russia? Will they require Russia to repudiate their recognition of the separatist regions of Donbas? Will they also require Russia to stop supporting the separatists with little green men? Is that even enforceable?

How is this not forcing Ukraine into a weakened position with the threat of further violence in the future?

Also, by the way, does Ukraine get Crimea back? I’m sure they’d be happy to rent the harbor to Russia.

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