‘Never Thought They Could Pull Off Such an Attack’: Prejudice and Pearl Harbor – War on the Rocks


«Their underestimation and misunderstanding was deeply grounded in racial prejudice and went unchallenged in an environment of ethnocentric groupthink. Even in acknowledging his mistake, Kimmel’s words suggest he remained angrily defiant that the attack materialized the way it did — as if it were unfair that reality did not conform to his prejudices. Ethnocentric and racist attitudes and actions are objectionable for their harmful effects on the groups they malign, of course, but we should never forget that they are fundamentally stupid because they are factually incorrect. Prejudice literally means passing judgement prior to possessing adequate information.»

«Moreover, ethnocentric groupthink went both ways in the Pacific war: Japan waged a war of conquest partially based on the country’s supposed racial and ethnic superiority over its neighbors. Mistaken Japanese hopes for long-term strategic success against America were grounded in ethnocentric contempt for the West

«… pockets of genius that all newly included demographics bring…»

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