How War With China Begins – The Atlantic (Maybe?)

«The People’s Liberation Army Navy is churning out ships at a rate not seen since World War II»

Did some more reading after the above article.

China now has the world’s largest Navy in terms of raw ship count, I guess, but it has a different shape from ours.

And I guess we shouldn’t ignore our allies:

«“We’ve got a Navy that we’ve worn out bombing trucks, weddings and huts in Afghanistan for 20 years,”»

«Japan, Australia and South Korea all sport robust navies in the region, and the United States is increasingly working to bring India into the fold as that country deals with its own Beijing-related rivalries.

“We just take for granted the incredible network of allies we have around the world,” 


(And then we just dump on them because we think we’re the mighty, mighty exceptional United States and we stand alone.)

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