“Hussein”, “Nimrata”

So, when Barack Obama was campaigning, his opponents referred to him as “Barrack Hussein Obama”, to make him sound more alien and threatening. A bunch of us changed our Facebook names (back in the day) to include that middle name, but after we won, we changed them back.

Then, Donald Trump went off with the Muslim immigration ban, and I was so mad I changed my Facebook middle name back to “Hussein”, and left it that way for the rest of his presidency*. It is not ok to other someone with their name.

When Joe Biden was sworn in, I changed it back, dropping the middle name.

Now, the Twitter Algorithm has clustered a bunch of tweets into my feed calling Nikki Haley by her Indian name “Nimrata,” and taking a patronizing tone.

I don’t care what she’s said or done; this is not cool, smug Twitter, and you should stop.

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