Tweet from Cathy Gellis (@CathyGellis)

Got me doing some googling.

Cathy Gellis (@CathyGellis) Tweeted: @ThePaperSoldier @AOC I’ll criticize Israel. But I’m not going to use the warped lies of anti-Semites to do it. And that’s what @AOC did. She has access to quality information. And an enormous platform to amplify it. Yet instead she’s only amplifying discredited garbage that fosters ant-Jewish hate.

«“If we keep controlling the whole area from the Mediterranean to the river Jordan where some 13 million people are living … if only one entity reigned over this whole area, named Israel,” former prime minister Ehud Barak said in 2017, “it would become inevitably … either non-Jewish or nondemocratic.”»

«Human Rights Watch is not arguing that Israel is an “apartheid state.”»

Some old articles:

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