On the likelihood that 2A gun owners will stop an unjust govt


Random reply guy nails it.

«The daftest part of it is the weird assumption (held by many in your replies, clearly) that if the government is the Bad Guys, that there will clearly be a bunch of righteous 2A people opposed to the Bad Guys and that will somehow work.

It’s bullshit.

… What is *way* more likely to happen is that there will be (a) a tyrannical government, almost certainly of the right wing variety (and if you think that’s implausible because you’ve been drinking the koolaid about speech codes and feminazis and so on, note which party has … been trying to dismantle democratic participation and overturn election results) and (b) there will be a big bunch of armed nutcases acting as de facto paramilitaries in SUPPORT of the tyranny, doing all the really gross stuff (shooting labor leaders and lynching PoC etc) … that the government doesn’t want to dirty its hands with.

Libertarians like to LARP about this but in practice most of them either don’t care about right-wing tyranny or would be pretty glad for it.»

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