13th Amendment still allows slavery


Somebody always responds with “if you can’t do the time, don’t do the crime,” to which I say: check out racial disparities for similar crimes (e.g., crack vs. powdered cocaine) and over-policing of Black people. (I just re-posted this: https://herereadthis.blog/2021/04/02/theres-racial-bias-in-our-police-systems-heres-the-overwhelming-proof-washington-post/.)

We should move to restorative justice, not punitive. Our current system is simply mean.

jacque wilson (@jacquewilson1) Tweeted: Y’all need to know slavery never ended. It still happens right here in California in our prison system. My brother Lance is locked up in Lompoc Prison in SoCal and every day he’s laying irrigation pipes for the farms owned by the Bureau of Prisons. 1/x

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