No, Your Great-Grandfather Did Not Know How to Fix Our Food System | by Sarah Mock | Mar, 2021 | Medium

Really good post.

«When it comes to small family farms for white people, we’ve always got to “go back” or “restore” something.»


«“During the pandemic, the wealthy among us decided we finally had time to practice the super-Instagrammable conscious consumerism we’d been meaning to get around to,” would have been a more honest opening to this paragraph.

In this pandemic, tens of millions of people lost their jobs. Adults, children, whole families, are literally going hungry. People are praying that eviction moratoriums never end, because they have months and months and months of unpaid rent and their home is the only thing they really have left.

The audacity of suggesting that “many people” were able to “plant victory gardens” or buy and store quarter-cows is incredible. How out of touch can you be.»

This is from a few years ago, but: it me! (and my wife and neighbors.)

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