J. D. Vance reveals his true colors?

It’s so easy to slide into systemic racism, even when (you think) you’re not intending to.

Karl Smith (@karlbykarlsmith) Tweeted: You gotta step back from the ledge here, bruh. Riots are to a 1st approximation *bad* for insurers

The Galaxy Brain take that: No, a more risk adverse environment drives up overall demand for insurance & that’s why they support BLM, is a few steps past Lex Luther level insanity.


(Replying to:)

«J.D. Vance @JDVance1

Read this story:

Insurance companies promote BLM.

BLM riots drive up insurance premiums.

Businesses and family wealth get destroyed. Insurance companies get rich.

Identity politics makes the multiracial working class poor and the ruling class rich.»

(See https://herereadthis.blog/2021/03/21/more-republicans-think-white-people-are-discriminated-against-than-any-other-group/.)

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