The news is nuts this morning

Reading the news this morning and I keep hearing in my head, “… a Republic, if you can keep it.”

21-year old white Baptist PK who “loves God and guns” kills 8 women (6 Asian) in massage parlors in Atlanta. And Twitter goes bonkers over (among other things) whether that makes him a terrorist and how terrible we are, as a nation, for not equating them.

Utah trying to pass a law to… filter porn on mobile devices? I’m not reading it.

Nigh 50% of people supporting an ancient parliamentary device used to perpetuate racist laws and STREAMLINED recently to make it more efficient (the modern filibuster).

«Texas Monthly:

Some on Wall Street Profited off Texas Blackouts.  In a Private Call, a Top Regulator Pledged He Would Try to Protect Their Windfall.»


US intelligence report says Russia attempted to interfere in 2020 election with goal of ‘denigrating’ Biden and helping Trump»

Governors of two states under pressure to resign, basically as Republican ploys (undemocratic, obviously). One of those governors may very well wind up appointing a replacement for a Senator on her last legs, which could flip the Senate back to Republican control.

A former president claiming the Supreme Court didn’t have the courage to OVERTURN (his word) a national election. In a phone interview on a TV news network dedicated to pushing propaganda for one political party.

And state legislatures across the country writing laws to restrict voting rights.

So, yes, “a Republic, if you can keep it.”

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