Kyrsten Sinema and the Minimum Wage and Moderates

Here, for your delectation and elucidation, is a series of quote tweets and replies. (P.S. Why do I have to unravel this stuff like this?)

Marcus H. Johnson @marcushjohnson

What’s the news for today?

Sinema constituent @cactusinsurance

People screaming and rending their garments at the sausage making process

Sinema brought cake

(Here’s what they’re talking about:)

Marcus H. Johnson @marcushjohnson

Idk why people are so mad at Sinema, a bunch of other Dems didnt vote for the Bernie amendment either. This is on Bernie for not building the coalition he needed for success


They’ve been targeting her in particular for years and will celebrate if their hard work causes her to lose to a Republican in 2024.

Marcus H. Johnson @marcushjohnson

They need to grow up and realize not every electorate is gentrified Brooklyn. You can’t win as a socialist in most places. Sinema, Manchin, etc won their elections precisely because of the politics they hold. And if they didn’t win, GOP has a majority and everyone gets zero.

Dan Martineau @dandandanitup

you don’t think a more liberal candidate could win in AZ? I’m resigned to WV but is AZ that right leaning

Anyway, the answer is to flip more GOP senate seats.

Marcus H. Johnson @marcushjohnson

The Senate has a rural bias, Dems will be relying on moderate Senators for any hope of a majority for the rest of this decade at least.

Grappling with inhumanity @GrownRoom

This is a ridiculous argument. 2/3rds of the population want universal healthcare, cannabis legalization & $15 min wage. We cannot keep saying we have to elect “moderates” to pass these policies. Moderates don’t support these things. It doesn’t matter how many of them we elect.

Marcus H. Johnson @marcushjohnson

Then move a bunch of leftists to Idaho and go win a Senate seat there. The Senate has a rural bias, its purposefully anti majoritarian. To overcome that and have a chance at any majority Dems have to rely on moderates. Its *something* or *nothing* and its an easy choice

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