Tweet from skullsinthestars – Black lives matter (@drskyskull)

skullsinthestars – Black lives matter (@drskyskull) Tweeted: Come the fuck ON, people

Maybe what’s going to happen is:

certain parts of the world get access to a vaccine;

those parts of the world lose interest in covid (we see a strong tendency already, right?);

covid remains endemic to certain other parts of the world the first parts don’t care about;

we see new variants every few years that require new vaccines (as tweaks of old ones);

we get new shots, like the yearly flu shot;

covid becomes a chronic background thing, like tuberculosis or hepatitis C or MRSA;

life goes on, with yet another microbe trying to kill us and vaccines protecting us;

anti-vaxxers continue to be unable to grasp that 1 in 10,000 means hundreds of thousands and millions die unnecessarily because they don’t personally know someone who was affected.

Hmm, maybe I should put some paragraph breaks in here.

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