Raising money for Texas


Thinking right/left fundraising competitions for crises like this would be neat, but the right would always lose because of clowns like the former mayor of Colorado City, TX.

Nicholas Kristof (@NickKristof) Tweeted: A little embarrassing for the Texas GOP that @AOC did more for hurting Texans in this crisis than Senator Cruz did.

Btw, there are a zillion ways to give. UMCOR is rock solid, and if you want to be nationalistic… https://advance.umcor.org/p-620-umcor-us-disaster-response-and-recovery.aspx. (They’ve probably got funds now that are already flowing, but they’ll need replenishing.) There are also probably Texas conferences of the UMC, and the Episcopalians are doing something, too. As are, probably, the Presbyterians, and, ya know… everybody else.

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