On the value of human lives


This is a good story.

I believe one measure of a society is in how it cares for its “useless” members. I believe the commandment to “honor your mother and father” speaks directly to this.

Dr. Jen “Keep wearing the mask” Phillips 🗽🇺🇸🌎 (@ClutchScience) Tweeted: My mom has dementia & has lived in a dedicated memory care home 3 years. She received her first Moderna shot today. For the last year there’s been a lot of talk about how to assign value to lives like hers, so I want to tell you a story about the necklace she’s wearing. https://t.co/MWhKD8ye0L

Of course, “honor no one BUT your mother and father” is also problematic:

so….what now? (@Muna_Mire) Tweeted:

prioritizing vaccines by age and and nothing else seems WILDLY ableist but what do i know


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