Rioters Taking Over The Capitol Planned It Online

Truly, our government has a massive blind spot w/respect to white anti-government extremism. This is Reagan’s legacy, Mr. “Gov’t IS the problem”. We need to fix this.

The National Guard should have been in place already, not have a request denied by the Dept. of Defense. DC police budget needs to be increased, not dependent on Congress (which already owes DC $100 million).

«The federal government hasn’t paid its public safety bill in two years, but Bowser says she’s confident that D.C. will be reimbursed.

“The federal government owes us about $100 million,” she said. “We will continue to work with the Congress to make sure we’re made whole for our emergency fund.”

«Over the summer, D.C. police spent $40 million on overtime to staff demonstrations outside the White House in the wake of George Floyd’s killing. That activity left the District’s emergency planning and security fund with a $36 million deficit, which Congress has yet to replenish.»

«”How did they not get wind of this?” the official asked. The official said that social media should have been combed for any clues to the group’s movements and intentions and that the rally should have been monitored.

“The number-one job of police commanders,” the official said, “is to make sure officers are safe, and today that didn’t happen.

“This was definitely a planning error. Don’t blame the guy outside the door.”


The law enforcement officials asked to remain anonymous because they do not want to be seen as criticizing another agency, not knowing the totality of the Capitol Police’s circumstances.

While order had been restored Wednesday night, police said they are not hopeful that this will be the last violent incident.»

Update, 1-7-2020 4:15 pm EST: Oh, this is interesting: The Capitol Police has a budget of $515 mil.

Separate from the DC Metropolitan PD, and not answering to the mayor, I guess.

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