Why Do They Hate Us? – The French Press


Not sometimes, @DavidAFrench. This is ALWAYS what the modern (white) evangelical movement has been: a smokescreen for racism. You know as well as anyone about that, and your attempts to whitewash it are just continuing the deception.

«Sometimes, however, the world rejects Christians because Christians are cruel. In that case, alienation isn’t persecution. It represents righteous judgment for our own political sin.»

(Also, your use of “Christian” is an attempt to lump yourself in with all other Christians, including mainstream Protestant. Seriously, dude, all this dodging and twisting?)

(Everyone else can see this: https://www.politico.com/magazine/story/2014/05/religious-right-real-origins-107133.)

(Here’s his response to the statement the “pro-life” movement is driven by racism:


«But the Evangelical South—which followed the pro-life lead of the Catholic Midwest and Northeast—is not pro-life because it was racist. Racism is no longer a factor in its support for religious liberty. Battles over segregation academies are largely looked upon with regret and shame. Rather it became more overtly pro-life as it (slowly and imperfectly) started to shed its racist past.»

Glad to hear the Evangelical South is post-racial, David.)

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