The Queen’s Gambit and associated ramblings

I just finished watching The Queen’s Gambit. The second good thing in 2020. Just in time.

The awesomeness of that series notwithstanding, I’ll take the opportunity (ha) to muse on white European-descended “pop” TV.

Every mystery I watch is British and very white (except Luther, which is very Something Else and I won’t finish it). We throw in some angsty American “mystery” and we get Longmire. Also very white.

Why not a whole entire series centering on a Kenyan detective in Nairobi? (Or Lagos, but I’m not as familiar that with side of the continent. As if I’m some kind of expert, ha.) Plenty of intrigue there. There was that whole Foyle’s War thing, smack in the middle of WWII but somehow finding straight murder mysteries in the middle of accusations of treason and Nazism. I always liked that.

How about a murder mystery (series) set in Nairobi where racism and government corruption is just the setting but not the drivers of the plot?

Or… go. Why are we fixated on chess? I guess it’s primarily because the moves are more understandable on TV. But, surely we can do something with the subtlety of go. Is it that hard to understand? And throw some Asian-ness in and get… a riveting non-Western go drama. That anybody could understand.

And, yes, I really, really should finish watching The Wire.

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