McCarthyism was never defeated. Trumpism won’t be either. – The Washington Post

Hey @BulwarkOnline, standing athwart history, yelling “stop!”, eh?

«Less often noted is the counternarrative that began to build among McCarthy’s grass-roots supporters during those years, in which the sheer volume of criticism aimed at the senator became proof that he was right all along: that the country was, indeed, run by a menacing but elusive liberal-communist conspiracy aimed at taking down right-thinking, God-fearing Americans. Among those who signed on to this idea was William F. Buckley, the wunderkind intellectual of the emerging conservative movement, hot off the success of his anti-socialist polemic “God and Man at Yale.” In 1954, Buckley published a second book, co-written with his brother-in-law L. Brent Bozell, a future McCarthy staffer and speechwriter, in which they argued that the merits of McCarthy’s cause largely outweighed qualms about his style and methods. In a sign of the combative lost-cause ethos already taking hold among McCarthy’s supporters, they titled the book “McCarthy and His Enemies.”»

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