Republicans blocking voting

What the heck, Republicans? Efforts to block voting all over the place? And this is just this morning’s stories.


«Republicans who control the Iowa Legislature passed the law in June after the primary saw record turnout with heavy mail-in voting, which was promoted as a way to keep people from contracting coronavirus at crowded polling places.

The law specified that auditors cannot use government databases to fill in blanks on absentee ballot request forms and must contact voters by email, phone and mail to provide the information. Auditors say that task is time-consuming and not always successful.»


Alabama: Supreme Court Blocks Curbside Voting In Alabama, An Option During Pandemic

«At issue was the decision by the Alabama secretary of state [a Republican] to ban counties from allowing curbside voting, even for those voters with disabilities and those for whom COVID-19 is disproportionately likely to be fatal.»


North Carolina:

«A divided federal appeals court has upheld North Carolina’s deadline extension for mail-in votes to be counted in the upcoming election, calling the measure a “common sense change” at a time when the U.S. Postal Service is inundated with ballots.

In a 12-to-3 ruling, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 4th Circuit rejected Republican efforts to block the six-day extension. The ruling allows ballots to be received up to nine days after the election as long as they are mailed on or before Nov. 3.»


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